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Seriously Meaty Snacks for Cats & Dogs Freeze dried RAW meaty nuggets! These fantastic freeze dried MEATY nuggets are a mouth watering freeze dried snack packed with delicious ingredients that your pet loves. Our reward snacks are carefully made without the addition of any additives, flavourings or sugars so that you can confidently treat your pet to a delicious yet healthy snack.

Dreamies have a scrumptious crunchy shell with irriststable soft tasty centres. They are just under 2 calories a pocket. 


Mega Pack 180g (Salmon/Cheese/Chicken) 

Tempting Treats (60g) Salmon/Beef/Cheese/Tuna/Chicken/Duck)

Extra Crunch 60g (Chicken/Salmon/Cheese)

Deli-Cats Treats 5x5g (Chicken/BeefTurkey)

Mixes: Cheese and Salmon/Chicken and Duck/Cheese and Beef/Salmon and Tuna.


Thrive 100% real chicken treats are made using only the finest quality chicken, with no preservatives, colours or additives of any kind. Then they are gently freeze-dried to lock in all the key nutrients and flavours. You can also sprinkle any powder onto their food as a tasty and nutritious flavour enhancer.