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Royal Canin

The word Autarky literally  means "exact requirement" and this is what your dog gets. Autarky is a 100% natural, GM-free, super-premium complete dry food for all dogs. 

Varieties (either 2.5kg or 12kg bags)

Springtime (for puppy/junior, 8 weeks to 24 months depending on breed)

Summertime (adult)

Autumn/Lite (senior)

James Wellbeloved

Royal Canin provides a precise nutritional solutions for you and your dog. Their food is produced with specific breeds and symptoms in mind. 


Junior (2/8kg bags)

Adult (2/4/15kg bag)

Ageing 10+ (3kg bag)

Weight, joint and breed specific types also available. 


James Wellbeloved's food is naturally hypoallergenic and only use quality ingredients with added vitamins and minerals without the bulking additives, or preservatives. 

Varieties (15kg bags)

Meat & Fish flavours 

Puppy, Adult & Senior options

Grain Free 10kg bags

'Light' option available in 12.5kg bags

Akela Wholeprey believe that a dog's diet should be as close to their ancestral wolf as possible. This includes, edible bone, liver, cartilage and fat.

Varieties (1.5-10kg bags)

80:20 Original Grain Free 

80:20 Fish Grain-Free

80:20 Duck Grain-Free

ABOUT THE CONTENT & COMPOSITION ESSENTIAL meals are prepared with minimum 74% proteins like, chicken, salmon, trout, herring, lamb, duck, venison and egg. In harmony with your dog’s anatomical needs, every bag is balanced with fresh proteins at minimum 42%. To preserve the nutritional value of our massive fresh ingredients, ESSENTIALS is prepared at only 90 degrees (°C). All our ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced regionally whenever possible.

What is BOF? Behavioral Optimizing Foods (BOF) is the principle honoring the many advantages, of keeping the blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. At ESSENTIAL FOODS we have achieved just that with our life-changing and award-winning foods. BOF ensures the stability of your dog’s sugar levels. Our high fresh meat content and the low preparation temperature means your dog gets exceptional nutritional values vs. mass-branded pet foods. The results with BOF are breathtaking. Serving ESSENTIALS positively will affect the mental balance of your dog. Some report seeing a dramatic transformation in the behavior, others note a smaller change, however improvement is always recorded.