Spillers launched the first compound horse feed and since then they have continued their research and development of equine nutrition. They specialise in nutritional research in 3 key areas: obesity, laminitis and age related care.

Varieties include:



Low energy







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Awarded HM The Queen's Royal Warrant, Dengie are members of the BETA NOPS scheme and are approved under the UFAS and FEMAS feed assurance schemes. Their products are independently approved by The Laminitis Trust

Varieties include:


Alfa-A Range (Oil, Molasses Free, Original and Lite)

Hi-Fi Range (Molasses Free, Lite, Senior, Apple and Original)

Grass Range (Meadow Grass with Herbs and Grass Pellets)

Healthy Range (Healthy Tummy, Molasses Free and Healthy Hooves)

Pelleted Fibres (Alfa Beet and Alfalfa Pellets) 

Dodson & Horrell have been manufacturing high quality feeds since 1939 for all diets, shapes and size of horse.

Varieties include:


Weight Management (Build Up Conditioning Mix/Cubes and Build and Glow)

Performance (Competition Mix)

Soothe (Breathe Free)

Winter Health Mash - while stocks last