We can get almost any brand you need. These are our most popular. Please contact us to place an order.

Eukanuba produces dog food based on size and needs. 

Weight, sensitive digestion, joint and skin varieties available.

Currently dry food only for: Puppy, Junior, Adult, Mature (8+) and Senior dogs 

Hills produce both bags of dried or cans of wet food depending on your dog's needs. 

Weight management, urinary, kidney, metabolic, digestive care, food sensitivity options available. 

Puppy, Adult and Senior varieties available. 

Royal Canin have a WIDE range of veterinary diet foods in both wet and dry forms. 

A range of what they can offer is: cardiac, convalescence, dental, diabetic, gastro intestinal, obesity management, renal, skin and urinary tract varieties. 

Puppy, Adult and Senior varieties available.