Royal Canin produce cat food with your moggy's special needs in mind. They cater for all ages, breeds, sizes and requirements. 

Varieties (in jelly or gravy)

Mother and kitten/kitten/adult 7+/ adult 12+

Dietary and health specialist wet food also available

We can get almost any brand you need. These are our most popular. Please contact us to place an order.

Applaws cat food contains the highest quality ingredients containing no artificial additives, or hidden colours or preservatives. 


Tins (in broth/jelly) a range of more than 10 flavours

Mousse (70g tins)

Pouches (in broth/jelly)

Layers of chicken/tuna with a variety of toppings

Multipack options available

Iams is packed with top- quality ingredients high in protein and vital amino acids to help your cat to maintain strong muscles and supporting a healthy skin and coat.



Land and Sea flavours available

Felix cat food caters all ages and focus on texture in all their products including; jellies, gravies and crunchy toppings.


Kittens/Adult cats/Seniors (100g pouches)

Fish and Meat flavours 

Multipacks available while stocks last.