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Naturally hypoallergenic and only use quality ingredients with added vitamins and minerals without the bulking additives, or preservatives. 

Varieties (150g pouches)

Meat & Fish flavours 

Grain Free Option

Puppy, Adult & Senior options

PEDIGREE®  wet dog food encourage, support, fortify and fuel a dog's power to be their healthiest and happiest selves at every stage of life — puppy, adult and senior.

Royal Canin provides a precise nutritional solutions for you and your dog. Their food is produced with specific breeds and symptoms in mind.


Varieties (pouch or cans)

Junior 195g cans

Breed specific 12x85g pouches

Butcher's believe wet food resembles what your dog's ancestors may have eaten in the wild. Their recipes contain high-quality super foods. 


Puppy (foil packs/400g tins)

Adult (150g/400g tins)

Senior (foil packs while stocks last)

Grain-Free, tripe, superior varieties

Multipack options available